Art to imagine a better future – in the Climate and Nature Crisis

Join us in creating stories and art to imagine a better future – where humanity has done everything it can by 2035 to solve the climate and nature crisis. What would life be like in 2035? It wouldn’t be perfect, and it would certainly be very different to today. But we would at least be heading in the right direction and see a positive future on the horizon.

Through a display of artwork alongside mini-stories we would like your help in coming up with visions of a better 2035. Most of us know to some degree that we can’t continue as we are. The aim of this project is to inspire people to work towards this better future.

Series of artworks on display in a natural surrounding.

We are starting with workshops in our local area around Herefordshire and Worcestershire in the UK, but we will accept stories and art from anywhere!

How do we travel? What do we eat? Where does our food come from? How do we use less energy? What does government look like? How do we cope with extreme weather? How do we get on with each other? How do we treat nature and animals?

How have we tackled the climate crisis, nature loss and inequality and put solutions into practice?

Paints and paint brushes

How it works

  • Come up with a mini story: “Here in 2035…”
  • Then produce any sort of artwork to illustrate your ideas. This can be photographs, a collage, drawing, painting, something made from a cardboard box. Anything!
  • Send us your artwork and mini-story for display.
  • We’ll need a high-quality image of the artwork, which can be a drawing, photograph, painting, sculpture or performance.
  • We’ll showcase the artwork online and in various public locations, which we hope will stimulate thoughts and enthusiasm about a better future.
  • Tip: One person can do the story; the other person can do the artwork. Or it can be done in groups. You can also send us your “making of your story and artwork” video or pictures.
  • We’ll be running workshops to help the imagination flow!

The imagination sessions have been inspired by the work of Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Towns movement. Rob runs runs imagination sessions for live audiences and produces the podcast From what if to what next, which invites guests to visualise a new future.

Recent Posts

  • Workshop and Stall at the Malvern Festival of Ideas

    The Malvern Festival of Ideas was a great community event, with lots of talks and workshops on the theme of “Telling Tales”. Chris Packham was the keynote speaker on the Friday evening. On Saturday, we held an imagination workshop for families. The children and adults really got involved and produced great stories, drawings and collages.…

  • A beaver-rich story and artwork!

    I started on this Art2imagine project straight after new year. As happens to many of us, the optimism of the new year may have outweighed the realities of life and how much free time I had. My grand idea was to make a collage, using all the various wildlife and eco-related magazines I have stacked…

  • Team Prepares for Launch!

    Here are some photos of recent gatherings as we get together to work on launching the project! In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be contacting local schools, colleges and universities, and putting our leaflets in locations around Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

  • Ways in which you can help the project

    We have set up a Crowdfunder to help support the project, so if you could afford a one off or regular donation that would really help us get the project off the ground.You can also contact us if you would like to help. We are particularly looking for people to be part of a team running workshops in schools…

  • For inspiration – A story from 2030 – Phoebe Tickell

    This is from the excellent Rob Hopkins podcast From What if to what next – Episode 69 – “What if every institution ran imagination activist training?” Phoebe Tickell, of Moral Imaginations, author of imagination training, describes what she finds in 2030: Well, I just decided to walk back from Camden Town towards Camden Council, where…

  • For inspiration – A story from 2030 – Georgia Gould

    This is from the excellent Rob Hopkins podcast From What if to what next – Episode 69 – “What if every institution ran imagination activist training?” Georgia Gould, Leader of Camden Council, describes what she finds in 2030: Well, I’m in Kentish Town, which is my ward where I grew up in. I’ve gone on…

Photo credits for this webpage: Paintings on walkway: Andy Lyon; Watercolours, paper and brushes: 1681551 from Pixabay; Paintbrushes in jar: Leopictures from Pixabay

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