Example Mini-Stories

Here are some example stories. You can create your own stories, use these as inspiration, or base artwork off any of these examples.

The mini stories here will appear in a random order.

Here in 2035…

I used to volunteer at the foodbank.  Now that we share food fairly and everyone has healthy, affordable food, I volunteer at the allotment, growing food for all.  It’s such a rewarding thing to do.

It’s such a relief to know that there is always a reliable electric bus, train or tram that I can catch so that I don’t have to own a car. The local car club always has one if I need it. And my disabled daughter doesn’t have to rely on friends or family to drive her everywhere. There is so much more space on roads now that there are fewer cars. And the air is so much cleaner.

Ten years ago I’d never heard of a rainforest in the UK.  Now I can visit a rewilded one outside my home town whenever I want. 

Now that Social Media encourages cooperation, the internet is actually bringing people together to help tackle some of the world’s greatest problems.

We went to a community assembly and I told them we need better paths across the park so my wheelchair doesn’t get stuck. Everyone said it was a good idea and voted to spend the money. I was so proud!

High up in my apartment with plants growing all the way up, I feel wrapped in nature.  I grow food and flowers on my balcony and the building is designed so we are self-sufficient in water and electricity too so our bills are really low. 

Ten years ago my family was made homeless due to excessive housing costs. Now we live in a lovely, well-designed apartment owned by our district housing cooperative. The community decides what housing is needed and what’s fair to pay, so I don’t just have a home but also a say in my family’s future.

I love watching the barges carrying freight up the canals.  Who’d have thought that the older ways would give us the inspiration for our modern world?  With their solar panels and mini wind turbines they are blending the old and the new. 

People have access to nature on their way to work, school or for shopping.  Every cycle track, footpath, pavement,  park and garden is brimming with life.  We have claimed so much space back from cars and nature is thriving. 

People spend so much time outdoors now – at school, at leisure and in all the green jobs we have created.   Everyone’s health is blossoming as a result.

At school we learnt about different careers and I’m hoping to train as a Food Leader when I leave school, helping communities around my area and beyond to partner with local farms and grow their own sustainable food.

I went to our local “repair everything” centre to pick up my mended coat. What a brilliant service! I can’t believe we used to throw clothes away and buy new ones.

We grow fruit and vegetables in our garden.  We put out any that we can’t use on the wall outside.  People help themselves and twice a week the cargo-bike comes along and picks up the spare to be taken to the community centre where they make free lunches every day. 

The free talks at the Library are so interesting . Last night I heard about how the Sanctuary Hostels are becoming popular across the world . They are making so much difference to people who have to flee their homes. Our local one has just opened and I have volunteered to sign up for the Chat and Tea sessions.

Now that everyone travels by train, it’s great that wildlife corridors have taken over the fast lane of all the motorways.  The wildlife tunnels and bridges mean all creatures are safe from the few cars that still need to use the motorways and we can see nature thriving as we travel past. 

I’ll be taking my community month off work soon, where I’ll be planting trees and sowing crops in our community farm. I’m looking forward to the shared meals and freshly baked bread.

People have become really relaxed talking about their love of nature and how we are part of it.   I feel so connected to the natural world now and I know others do too.

Yet another flood has cut us off from other parts of the country. It’s such a relief now that I only have to work 3 days at my office job so that I can help our local community grow food without relying on the supermarkets that have hardly any fresh food on the shelves.

My school won the area Big Insect Count competition!  Each school has to count the number of insects in their school garden on a special day, and we were the best! We’re going to be on TV for the national finals, we’re so excited!

I enjoy shopping on the rare occasions that I go.  Knowing that all the products have been sourced ethically and sustainably means I can buy what I need and support my local community at the same time.

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